Coming Soon… Spectacurama Maxissimus!

1. A weekly podcast on poems I have memorized.

2. A daily short review. Mostly the review will be of a book, given that I know more about books than anything else. The review on other days will be of those things that I don’t know much about, but which, in a very clear way, make me like or dislike them.

3. A daily quote from a colleague, whom I’ll call Double Double-U. He has a genius.

4. I don’t have any principle to declare. In the absence of my own, here are Charles Foster Kane’s. They rigidly adhere to the law that the grander the principle, the more it will corrupt the person who pursues it.

I’ve changed the front page a little,
Mr. Bernstein. That’s not enough –
There’s something I’ve got to get into
this paper besides pictures and print
– I’ve got to make the “New York
Enquirer” as important to New York as
the gas in that light.

What’re you going to do, Charlie?

Kane looks at him for a minute with a queer smile of happy concentration.

My Declaration of Principles –
(he says it with quotes
around it)
Don’t smile, Brad –
(getting the idea)
Take dictation, Mr. Bernstein –

I can’t take shorthand, Mr. Kane –

I’ll write it myself.

Kane grabs a piece of rough paper and a grease crayon. Sitting down on the bed next to Bernstein, he starts to write.

(looking over his shoulder)
You don’t wanta make any promises,
Mr. Kane, you don’t wanta keep.

(as he writes)
These’ll be kept.
(stops for a minute and
reads what he has written;
I’ll provide the people of this city
with a daily paper that will tell
all the news honestly.
(starts to write again;
reading as he writes)
I will also provide them –

That’s the second sentence you’ve
started with “I” –

(looking up)
People are going to know who’s
responsible. And they’re going to
get the news – the true news –
quickly and simply and entertainingly.
(he speaks with real
And no special interests will be
allowed to interfere with the truth
of that news.

He looks at Leland for a minute and goes back to his writing, reading as he writes.

Bernstein has risen and crossed to one side of Kane. They both stand looking out. Leland joins him on the other side.

5. And much much more.


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