Money can corrupt even the upper classes!

Returning to the Caracas country club of her childhood Vanessa Neumann can barely contain her despair:

But it is behind the crumbling walls of the Country Club mansions that the most pathetic chavistas are bred – the secret ones. They can no longer afford to keep up appearances since Chávez is nationalising estates of 100,000 acres or more. The Country Club used to name and shame those members remiss in their subscriptions on a wall. Now, the list is so embarrassingly long that the club has stopped. In order to restore their fortunes, some covert chavistas have grovelled to the government.

At the same time they masquerade as principled members of the upper class and mock the heathen and gauche chavistas while playing golf or sipping a whiskicito at a drinks party. Yet they fret that the secret source of their restored glory will be discovered and they will be reviled by their old-money friends in the opposition.

This is the part of the movie where someone says “I don’t know. it looks like Hugo is changing some of those country-club members. But I wonder: how will they change him?”


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