RM, mourns death of, 2008

Daily Gimpei pays the best tribute to JG Ballard by quoting him. Here’s my favorite JG Ballard provocation: The Index. It’s not just that Ballard’s using a clever and post-modern device, it’s that he’s being so funny in doing so as he outlines the outrageous life of Henry Rhodes Hamilton:

Hitler, Adolf, invites HRH to Berchtesgaden, 166; divulges Russia invasion plans, 172; impresses HRH, 179; disappoints HRH, 181

.Another gem:

‘Churchill, Winston, conversations with HRH, 221; at Chequers with HRH, 235; spinal tap performed by HRH, 247; at Yalta with HRH, 298; ‘iron curtain’ speech, Fulton, Missouri, suggested by HRH, 312; attacks HRH in Commons debate, 367’.

The opening to Citizen Kane cracks the same joke: the lives of great men seem like a 70-year bout of hysteria when you condense them into the small space of an index or movie-news reel.


One response to “RM, mourns death of, 2008

  1. It is a sad day indeed. Have you read “The Crystal World?” I keep on hearing it’s one of his best… Hmm upon checking it seems to be very early Ballard, which leads me to believe that it is a tad more sci-fi heavy.

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