Halfway decent poem of the Year: XVII

The USNS Comfort Sails to the Gulf By Rachel Loden

Huge red crosses on the whitewashed hull:

Best part: That’s the poem in toto.

Why nominated: The riff on Ezra Pound. The slant rhyme. The fun contemplating whether this poem is better read aloud or silently.

Why it might not reach the final: It’s 65% gimmick.

Why it should reach the final: It’s not 100% gimmick.
Via Tinfish. Via Silliman. Buy the book here.

UPDATE: The poem contains a bad link! (The good one’s here). Discuss the significance of the bad link and how it relates to the rest of the poem from the critical vantage point of Derrida, Marx, Lacan or Bakhtin, possible points of reference might include the chain of signifiers and pseudohypertextualiy.


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