Only one can win

Hillary versus Obama. Derek versus Ruth. It’s almost as if The Man is only going to let blacks OR women through one at a time. “This is a way of reducing women; it wouldn’t have happened to a man. But then Oxford is a sexist little dump,” says Jeanette Winterson. It’s surely a sign of progress that it’s very hard to find anyone calling Padel racist for passing round a tip about Walcott’s sexual shenanigans — blocking the first black Professor of Poetry with allegations that any undergraduate could tell you plays into well-known stereotypes. In 2005, the race angle was the first thing that came into Jeremy Paxman’s mind when George Galloway beat out Oona King. But back in those easy times, it was the classic battle of Black Woman v. White Man. Not the tricky modern one of Black Man v. White Women.


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