Das Tweet

Twittergate! Twitter’s very good at relaying the smoke of the news, but abysmal at identifying the fire. But in Germany’s elections, for the first time that I know of, actual, genuine information leaked through Twitter.  Of course, Kohler was the favorite to win. It was the likeliest rumor to spread and I’d expect plenty of unverifiable Tweets along the lines of “am hearing Kohler’s got it. das ist gutt”  But these were actual vote numbers that came over the lines.

Critics insist that only the Bundestag president has the constitutional right to declare a new head of state. He customarily uses more than the 140 characters permitted in a tweet.

“I have absolutely no sympathy for things like this, because it will end up undermining the dignity of parliament,” said Peter Ramsauer, head of the CSU parliamentary party.


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