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No more war. Let’s do business.

My genius colleague writes:

This page on business opportunities in North Korea has a link to a list of exports, and that in turn has a link to this PDF on the country’s animation capabilities: 

It also argues that “the DPR of Korea (North Korea) will become in the next years the most important hub for trading in North-East Asia.”

The reasons? The list goes on and on:

Lowest labour cost in Asia. Workers’ paradise!

Highly qualified, loyal and motivated personnel. Education, housing and health service is provided free to all citizens. As opposed to other Asian countries, workers will not abandon their positions for higher salaries once they are trained. Paradise, part 2: Once you hire them, they have nowhere else to go.

Lowest taxes scheme in Asia. Especially for high-tech factories. Typical tax exemption for the first two years. This is the same country that explained its land reform was guided by “the principle of confiscation without compensation. ”

No middle agents. All business made directly with the government, state-owned companies. No middle agents. All skimming done by government employees.

Stable. A government with solid security and very stable political system, without corruption. Fingers crossed!

Full diplomatic relations with most EU members and rest of countries. The KFA does all its business in euros.

New market. Many areas of business and exclusive distribution of products (sole-distribution). We’re in the Stone Age.

Transparant legal work. Legal procedures, intellectual rights, patents and warranties for investors settled. Ah, socialism.


Intransaltable basterd

Some great English expressions look even better when sitting in the middle of an interview between Quentin Tarantino and Cahiers du cinéma. Some things you just can’t say in French:


bad ass (as in ‘j’imaginais Shosanna en Jeanne d’Arc juive. Elle etait bien plus bad ass’ — I imagined her as a Jewish Joan of Arc. She was much more bad ass.)

swamp (as in country music swamp)

deliver the goods (Cahiers gives the original but translates it as “tenir les promesses.”

(and my favorite….)

They’re fucked!