Daily Archives: July 27, 2009

Ralph Steadman’s delfino is Italian

Meet Gianluca Costantini. “”In the seventies, for example, the main topic of the underground was sex because it was something scandalous. Now the main topic is politics.”


Expense scandals outside of Britain

They are so much better. Americans’ expenses are larger. And the Germans manage to mix in a strange sense of ethics:

Mrs Schmidt flew [from Germany to Spain] at her own expense. Her chauffeur drove 2,400km (1,500 miles) to meet her so she could carry out some official business.

via BBC.

Hot News Trends: What We Have to Look Forward To

The 1918 influenza epidemic didn’t have much of an impact on the markets, notes FT’s Alphaville. But that was mainly because the market, worried mostly about WWI, wasn’t paying attention to how bad the flu was. And war-time propagandists were careful to ensure that anyone who was paying attention — be they financial analysts or Germans — got the wrong impression. The lessons are clear: to save the economy, invade someone new, seize the newspapers.
If Ryanair thinks it has now entered a price war, what hope is there for anyone else? Does that mean Ryanair wasn’t waging a price war all these years? They weren’t smoking the price of peace.