One of the best documentaries ever

YouTube has rescued The Trader from oblivion. Via Alphaville. We all know how stupid very intelligent people can be, but they’re usually clever enough to make sure no one can see those moments. Or they sugarcoat their humiliation  by saying “”The biggest error I’ve ever made had the best possible outcome.”


4 responses to “One of the best documentaries ever

  1. Already taken down… There is however this torrent link:

  2. So I watched the show… What does he do that is so bad? The technical analysis used to compare the conditions in 1987 to the great depression are embarrassingly ridiculous, but apart from that… Let’s just say I don’t see him walking around donkey punching old ladies. Maybe I’m missing something.

  3. Perhaps you need to be more familiar with his reputation to enjoy this. This is like watching Stravinsky confidently composing The Birdie Song, all the while insisting it’s his masterpiece. Sorry: a bad recommendation. But wait a second: i think another thing i like about it is the style of the piece. It’s good to remember that the 80s had a geeky side to it — those enormous color-framed glasses, those green-type computers. It wasn’t all Ptrick Bateman,

  4. I enjoyed it. It was a very interesting view into the life of a high flying trader. The part where he shorts oil futures was great.

    My question is: what’s he so embarassed about that he’s forbidden the release of the show? Is it really surprising to anyone that people in his field are ultra-competitive gamblers? It’s not like we see his actions result in the closure of some widget factory.

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