A revenger’s revenge

As Jeffrey Goldberg outlines how Tarantino has filmed the revenge fantasies of young Jewish boys everywhere, he manages to enact the nerd’s ultimate revenge fantasy:

Then I woke up, ate a bowl of Rice Krispies, and walked to school—the Howard T. Herber Middle School—where a sixth-grade pogromist named Patrick Harrington and his Cossack associates pitched pennies at me in a game sometimes known as “Bend the Jew,” which ended, inevitably, with me being jumped for refusing to pick up the aforementioned pennies, and also for killing Jesus.

“When I grow up,” says the kid as he’s being humiliated, “we’ll be adults and your size won’t matter and your cruelty won’t impress anyone anymore. And I’ll win an Oscar/become President/rescue a starlet from a fire/write an article in a national magazine, and while the whole nation is listening I’ll mention what a prick you were and everyone will be horrified. So enjoy beating the shit out of me while you can. When you’re 40 you’ll have a lot of explaining to do at dinner parties.” And there goes Goldberg, sticking it to Harrington all these years later. Harrington, where are you? A word of advice: don’t sue Goldberg! Didn’t work for these assholes or these assholes.


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