Hot News Trends: Cashing in and not cashing in

Cashing in: The publisher of “Beat It”, although the finance director says “in the long run, [Jackson’s death is] bad news for us.”
Cashing in: Owners of Mein Kampf “A Russian telephone bidder at the Mullock’s auction at Ludlow Racecourse bought the book, which was given by Hitler to a fellow prison inmate.” his for GBP20,000.
Not cashing in: British MPs. Antonia Senior complains that the costs of being an MP are such that what seemed like luxuries in the expenses scandal are, in fact, necessities. “In Anthony Trollope’s brilliant novel Phineas Finn, a poor but ambitious politician struggles to make it, hampered not by lack of talent, but lack of cash. I thought it was fiction, a 19th-century curiosity. It turns out to be a template for our future system.” The one unconvincing part of her argument: that she needs to buy two houses. Can’t she rent one?


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